At our beautiful store we create top fashionista designs for every budget. We get inspired by our brides and always follow current fashion trends. However, we also respect every bride’s wish to be as unique as possible, so we made it a reality for you to get your own dream dress based on our fashion views. Since it is extremely challenging to make a dress from scratch, we made it as easy as possible: you can combine dress parts that you find most flattering without purchasing several dresses.

What does it mean, you may ask? It is simple: if you like the fabric of this dress and the sleeves of another one, or the skirt of a particular dress and the back of a third one, and perhaps you want to add some pockets to the skirt and make a plunging V-neck, you’re lucky! Because we can easily customize your dress and make your deepest dreams come true.


  1. Choose a perfect dress that you like but wish to adjust a little.
  2. Find out the parts that you would like to change (is it different color, fabrics, sleeves, train length, or something else?).
  3. Message us with your ideas and our staff will do everything possible to help you with adjustments, and whether this or that customization is possible. Then settle the list of all customizations with our staff.
  4. Purchase the dress. Modifications are usually paid, while size alterations are always free.
  5. Tailoring takes 2-13 weeks, but always depends on each dress. You can learn more from your bridal assistant.
  6. When the dress is ready to be packed and shipped, we will send you a video of the final result.
  7. Receive your own and one of a kind wedding dress of your dreams.

* (please note that we are not allowed to copy other brands or create a whole new dress based on your ideas! What we can do, however, is to adjust the dress to your desires using the dresses from our store.)